January 31, 2006

Its early days

Making news in the wireless Dept. today was the successful installation of Radio equiment in SAE Headquarters. The SAE are now sporting the latest in wireless technology, which allows for wireless hotspot enjoyment on your notebook, whenever and wherever you happen to be (on campus).

January 30, 2006

You may consider cutting your phone line.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses broadband data to make normal phone calls, but the savings are like running your car on water. We have been using VoIP in our office for about a year now and have no reason to change. This technology is like the "fax machine" you’ve used before, its not that the fax is broken its just that emailing is cheaper more efficient, versatile and you don't need a phone line. The phone your probably using now, is not broken, it may be just to expensive. (Maybe this is the reason our government is selling certain shares in a certain company?) More info on VoIP Freshtel

January 29, 2006

Net surfing!

Intel, the world’s largest chip manufacturer, has created the world’s first ever surfboard with built-in wireless laptop. The surfboard will allow surfers to check their emails, surf the web, and even record footage of yourself catching the best point shacks. The tablet laptop based on Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology allows a wireless Internet connection from the surfboard to a ‘hotspot’ on the beach. The Intel Wireless Technology Surfboard was developed to accompany the 2004 Intel GoldCoast Oceanfest, the North Devon free sports and music festival held June 18th - 20th, sponsored this year by Intel.

January 28, 2006

The hills are alive

With the sound of 802.11x (wireless). Coverage announcement: This photo was taken from the view of our newest booster in Cumbalum, it is a backhaul linking Lennox Head and Ballina, (Gr8 work Dainen and D). If you can see Cumbalum you are in coverage. More info http://wwwires.com/

January 27, 2006

We have two mobile offices.

They both happen to be on wheels, but as long as we have our laptops and mobile VoIP with us, its business as usual... Oh the joys of wireless.

Find your house!

Coverage announcement: The Techies are working in Lennox Head today with the forcast of clear sky's all systems are go. This photo shows streets Nth Creek Road going left to right and Amber Dr center. Click the image to enlarge. p.s. How many pools can you find.

January 26, 2006

Music is in the air... Literally!

Work has commenced on the SAE http://www.saebyronbay.com/ wireless installation, as you could imagine bandwidth, P2P and VoIP will be of high priority, wait a minute... that sounds like our office. Wireless coverage will be avalible: on campus, at all student accommodation
including Brunswick Heads.

Busy in West Ballina

We have been busy since coverage was anonnced in West Ballina. The West Tower Taven was our first POP (point of presents) and this week the Riverbend Village was wireless enabled.

Pre-Paid Hotspot vouchers Now Available

Lightforce Computers Byron Bay (the Apple store) along with their selection
of Airport enabled notebooks now offer wwwires Hotspot vouchers.

Voucher info:
wwwires daily
$7.99 Day pass
Perfect for the traveller, only pay
for what you need. Includes
100 Megabytes download.
wwwires weekly
$19.99 Week pass
Stay connected on your next holiday.
Includes 500 Megabytes download.

For hotspot coverage infomation

All Girls Surf Showdown/wwwires

If you can't make it to Lennox main Beach this year June Long Weekend for the All Girls Surf Showdown contest don't worry, it will be streamed live over the internet with posting of all heat results. Using the the Lennox Head hotspot we will mount an wireless IP camera to the car battery. The All Girls administation will also benefit with the use of the wireless internet access for emailing, checking swell, weather, tides conditions, etc... if you would like to view the live feed go to http://www.allgirlssurf.com/ We will start the live stream 11th June 2006.